27 August 2011

ErControl (Danish version)

23 June 2010

Here we go! ErControl is available now also in English.

17 May 2010

www.ercontrol.de is available in two languages. The application also will be multilanguage soon...


ErControl Program Logo

First of all...

...English is not my first language. So sorry for errors on this homepage or the first translated version of ErControl ( Feel free to report any errors or incomprehensible translations.


ErControl is available for free. If you like it feel free to do a PayPal donation ("Spenden" button).

What is Ercontrol?

ErControl is a software to control practicing on Kettler Ergometers with serial or usb interfaces. It is a cost-free alternative to the original software by MagicMaps.

Screenshot eines topographischen Trainings